Your questions

1. What is a project prepared by us?

We provide the client for a 3D visualsation, technical drawings required for implementation and a price offer for all products set in the project.

2. What extent the Client shall be committed during the preparation of the project to?

Our clients are involved only to provide us with a key and access to the site. If you have any ideas and guidance, we shall always comply with them. Everything else is our responsibility.

3. How long shall the preparation of a preliminary interior design project take?

We indulge fully in the preparation of each project. For us it is important that the client should be easy upon preparation of the project and satisfied with the implementation. An individual approach to every client - this is our guarantee of success and confidence.

All this shall take time and we shall spend about 35-45 working days to prepare the project. We shall fix time for workmanship after we familiarise ourselves with the concrete site and its parameters.

4. Do we work only in Burgas?

We work throughout the country. We have completed projects in Burgas, Sofia, Varna, Plovdiv, etc.

5. How is the pricing formed for preparation of an interior design project?

The price of the project, made by us, depends on the services you want to get. The price is per a square meter and depends on the style and size of the site.

6. Is it necessary to visit your office or there is an option for remote consultation?

There is no problem to advise you also remotely in the world of developed technologies. For us it is important to familiarize with your wishes and ideas. You can contact us by phone or email and we shall answer all your questions.

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