Everyone needs a place of peace and harmony, and we shall pay an attention to every detail and fully satisfy your requirements. What we offer in order to make the process easier for you:

Preparing a preliminary project

The first stage of our job on creating an interior design.

1. Inspection and taking measures (taking dimensions) - This is necessary for avoiding possible errors to the highest degree in the preparation of the preliminary project. Architectural plans that you have shall be useful to us but not enough, and in most cases, they do not correspond to the actual dimensions.

2. Conversation with the client - Our first meeting with your wishes. At this stage, we particularise the functions that separate rooms need to perform. We shall talk about styles, colours, materials. Clients sometimes come with ready ideas, but in most cases, they rely on us to offer them the optimal combination between practicality, coziness, comfort, and functionality.

3. Functional zoning - Preparation of a drawing for reconstruction of the site and more functional allocating of the rooms (in case of need).

4. Overall concept for the interior solution – The preliminary project shall be presented to you through drawings, colour compositions, samples of materials and partial visualisations. These shall identify to you what our ideas for preparing the preliminary project are.

After preparing the preliminary project for furnishing your home, office, hotel, place of public resort or shop, and you have approved it, we shall proceed to the next stage.

Making a preliminary project

It includes all kinds of drawings necessary for realisation of the preliminary project. They shall be integral parts of the project since they shall be necessary for its implementation.

1. Plumbing and Electrical Installations Plan - Once we have agreed with you the different zones and allocation of the furniture, sanitary, lighting, etc., we shall place outlets for a water heater, sewage systems, cold and hot water at the right places.

2. Lighting Plan - While we have been commenting on the preliminary project, we have specified where we should exactly set the lighting fittings. We shall make a drawing in which all switches and sockets, lighting types and models are marked.

3. Decoration Elements Plan - If we have provided plasterboard decorative elements or suspended ceilings, we shall attach detailed drawings with dimensions and sections.

4. Flooring, Paints and Coatings Plan – a working drawing of all floorings in the premises with indications of materials and quantities. Developed walls with basic and additional treatments (materials and colours).

5. Custom Made Furniture Drawings - In some cases, the right furniture for you cannot be found on the market and we undertake to design them individually to sizes and your preferences.

6. Making the highest quality 3D Visualisations - Thanks to them, you shall be able to see all the details of your project: colors, materials, lighting and everything else that we have set in your interior design project.

7. Offers and specifications - For your convenience, besides samples of colors and materials, we shall provide you for detailed price offers of all elements that we have set in the interior project. If you have shared with us a possible budget for realisation of the preliminary project, we shall be able to set furniture, floorings, lighting, decorative elements, curtains, blinds, carpets and appliances toward your price class.

Repair and finishing works

We can create a project for the perfect home, apartment, office, shop, place of public resort, but it has to be done too. We know how annoying, responsible and urgent the various repair and finishing activities are. For saving your time, nerves and funds, we also offer to you to implement our projects. And the completion of the agreed project by us ensures that the finished result shall comply at the most with your expectations of the interior project offered. We dispose of people who have experience for many years in this field. Thanks to whom, our visualisations become reality.

Designer’s supervision

Whether you opt for individual craftsmen, who shall execute the project already approved, or you shall trust us, this is the right of your choice. For facilitating you at the most, we can take the entire supervision, organisation, deliveries and installations of all elements of the project. We undertake to hand over the site in the appearance that you have approved at the visualisation.
We do not include this service in the price for the interior project, and if desired, we shall negotiate it further. It is calculated in relation to the location and size of the site.

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